It is All About Cheese

by Joel

I had an extraordinarily delicious weekend. I woke up on Sunday with the heaven-sent inspiration for what I should blog about next. Cheese. I should blog about cheese. And the more I thought about it, I realized there was only one way to go about it. I have an all-time top 10 movie list. Why shouldn’t I have an all-time top 10 list about something I care about as deeply? Yes. Yes, I should. I consider myself merely a novice in the art of fromagery, yet I am an eager pupil. So this list will undoubtedly evolve as I sample new experiences.   Feel free to share your favorites in the comments, or your outrage at Velveeta’s exclusion.

Honorable Mention: Oaxaca-I have memories of this being incredible when we were in Mexico, but need to taste it again soon.

10. Brie-wasn’t crazy about brie until this weekend, when I tried brie with honey. Then I googled brie with honey and discovered this photo. I am agog.


9. Havarti-Another recent romance. I was wooed by a sumptuous havarti with dill. It is pronounced huh-vahr-tee.

a havarti

8. Meunster-I think it is one of the most attractive cheeses. When I worked in the deli at Dillons, this is the one I sampled most frequently. I suppose you could call it my first cheese love.


7. Wensleydale-first, because I can’t say it without hearing Wallace and Gromit in my head. And second, because I had the pleasure of sampling cranberry, apricot, and lemon varieties over Christmas break, and they were all wonderful.

 a Wensleydale-Cheese

6. Cheddar with Stout-look at it. It is a thing of beauty.


5. Cabra al Vino-because it translates “Drunken Goat” and because I feel like one when I taste this.

4. Provolone-Provolone is so tried and true. I admit I had sort of taken it for granted. My love for it was starting to waver, until Elizabeth told me to drape a slice over her French onion soup. Oh Provolone! None of the pictures online do you justice!

3. Blueberry Stilton- If you are looking for a birthday present for me:


2. Mozzarella-Because it is dependable and versatile and wonderful. Why aren’t more Italian girls named Mozzarella? I couldn’t blame their fathers if there were.


1. Gouda. Smoked Gouda. “And on the seventh day, God looked at all he had made, and he saw it was very gouda.”




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4 responses to “It is All About Cheese

  1. It’s a little 2004, but have you ever had baked brie? Brie, with jam of some sort (sometimes nuts) inside a puffed pastry? It gets all oozy and delicious. I think that’s Ryan’s favorite food of all time.


    (Cool blog guys!)

  3. Sarah, I have not tried baked brie. And I must.
    A comment from Ashley (Perkins) Watkins! What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  4. Tonight we tried an espresso bellavitano that was wonderful.

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