Favorite places: the field {a new series, hopefully}

Hello everyone! As I was brainstorming post ideas, I thought I might introduce you to a few of our favorite places around the farm.

It is humbling to live out here. I find my sense of gratitude has grown in multitudes since our move to the farm. A lot of that gratitude comes with living in a house and on a farm where we are just reaping the rewards of the hard work, vision, and labor of those who came before us. The time and energy that Joel’s family has put into the upkeep of the house and the land is staggering sometimes. We are just a small interval (who haven’t done much of anything) to the story of this farm. And there are so many unique-to-this-land places that the we enjoy, and that the kids ask to visit. The landscapes and adventures are many. And the favorite places definitely change with the seasons.

I know Kansas winters can be pretty stark and well, brown and dusty. The drought that we’re experiencing has certainly exasperated these conditions. Still, I find a quiet solace in the slumber of the land during the winter. I’m praying that God will hear the prayers of so many praying for rain, and send us a lush and verdant Spring to renew the earth and anxious souls. But for now we are praising Him for what we have.

Here is a look at “the field” (creative name, I know), on a recent winter walk:

my walking buddies

walking companions

Zelie brought “Baby” with her. Baby was walking for a while too. (I know, we need to work on naming things.)

zelie walking baby

A lovely winter day. The Western Meadowlarks were being chatty and cunning.

nature pics

The horses were as interested in us as we were in them.

nature pics 2



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2 responses to “Favorite places: the field {a new series, hopefully}

  1. I love going out to your farm. I feel like there’s so much I don’t know about! Maybe we can come join you on a walk on a nice day.
    p.s. LOVE the collages!

  2. Beautiful. I’ll admit that all the land that surrounds you makes me mucho jealous. We have like three feet of land.

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