The Exact Origin of Jude and Gus’ Friendship

Joel here. Yesterday Jude and Gus were being really nice kind with each other, encouraging and just enjoying hanging out with each other. I think they were both looking at a book on Jude’s top bunk when I commented on how lucky they were to have a brother that was their best friend. Gus didn’t miss a beat. Here is the conversation (which was so cute, I got the laptop out and asked them to narrate it one more time)
Gus: I know. Once I built that big ship, Jude said AWESOME and then we became best friends. Jude just loved that ship.
Me: Is that right Jude?
Jude: Yeah. That ship was so awesome.
Me: What ship are you talking about?
Gus: The big one that filled the whole bed.


Gus: Then Jude convinced me to take apart the big ship because I was using up all the Lego pieces and I said, “Not unless you pay me ten dollars” and Jude said “no way” and I said “what about 3 dollars? and he said no way! Two? No way. One? No money, not even one cent. And so I finally took apart the ship and Jude was glorified that I took it apart.
Jude: “Glorified,” Gus? “Glorified?” I was happy, but I wouldn’t say I was glorified.

I smile that Jude and Gus can agree on the moment they became friends and that it just happened to be this fall.



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3 responses to “The Exact Origin of Jude and Gus’ Friendship

  1. Mary Ellen

    That was such a joyful post. Mark and I think you guys have cute kids.

  2. Very cool.
    What a conversation!
    I hope one day Nicholas and James (and Luke) can have a ‘best friend’ type of relationship. Some days I feel like it’s getting there…slowly.

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