Meal Plan: Week of February 24th to March 2nd

It was a busy weekend. On Saturday I was asked to do a presentation so I dropped off my kids with my very generous brother-in-law, who was tricked into watching all four of my kids. After unloading all the children and feeling very proud of my punctuality and organization, I shut the door… with my keys locked inside. Luckily, my mom and dad kept a spare key and bailed me out, so I was only a little late the talk, but I felt very frazzled. After that we scheduled to have pictures taken with my folks and grandparents at Portrait Innovations, on a Saturday. Surprise! They way over-booked and the place was a zoo, a very cramped zoo with only enough Legos for each child there to have 2 each. Here’s a photo montage of how each of the kids did smile/behavior-wise:




Here’s what we are eating this week:

Monday, the 24th: Chef salad, blue corn chips with guacamole and an apple walnut yogurt salad.

Tuesday, the 25th: “Sunday”chicken in the crockpot, hot crash potatoes, blueberry yogurt salad

Wednesday, the 26th: Spaghetti and meatballs (my last jar of homemade pasta sauce, sniff), green beans and oranges.

Thursday, the 27th:  Leftover roasted chicken soup, something “bready”, pears.

Friday, the 28th: Lemon butter broiled tilapia, sweet potatoes, broccoli.

Saturday, the 1st: Chili, orange rosemary cornbread, carrot sticks.

Sunday, the 2nd: If I feel brave I might give these Fried Plantains with Carnitas and pico a try.

Have a good week!

Bonus Family Culture Plan!
Monday-with Pope Francis’ February intention of respecting the elderly, I’ve really wanted to take the kids for a visit at Wheatlands (the nursing home in Kingman). We hadn’t been in over a year. Well, the kids were really, really sweet and on the way home they said we should do it once a month.
Tuesday-Educational night-practicing sight words with Gus and spelling bee words with Jude.
Wednesday-Confirmation-This week is the Q and A with all the juicyfun sexual morality questions. So we’ll take any prayers you send our way.
Thursday-Grumpy Gorilla. Pretty much every night dinner goes like this: Jude or Gus ask what is on the Family Culture Plan. Xavey exclaims with glee: “Wets pway Gwumpy Go-rilla!” Zelie cheers. Then I have to explain that we can’t play that every night. This scenario repeats itself the next night.
Friday-Family Dance Party. Jude has agreed to be our DJ. That boy won’t dance even when bribed with candy.
Saturday-The kids invented a game this weekend on their own. They call it Mousehole. I chuckle every time I say it. It’s my new favorite expletive. Jackie and I will be playing Mousehole with them on Saturday.


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8 responses to “Meal Plan: Week of February 24th to March 2nd

  1. This was a fun update with surprise bonuses! (not *just* a food plan.)
    I hope the talk went well again Jackie! bummer about the keys!! good thing for parents.🙂
    We’re having spaghetti Wednesday too! I might do it ahead and make it a casserole we’ll see.

    We recently visited Park West and brought the residents some Valentine cards and cookies with some friends. It went VERY well and to my surprise the kids all want to go back soon! I’m thinking once a month would be good also.

    Our kids randomly started coming up with their own “surprise” days and it’s been fun seeing what they each pick out. So far we’ve done family movies, ping pong, nature walks, and Wii games.

  2. Mom of 4 boys

    That is a hilarious expletive! Better than Bolshevik!

  3. Based on your family dance party, I think Jude is my kind of guy. Dancing is overrated when you have to participate, but I really find it amusing when the kids do it.

  4. I am with Elizabeth, I really hate to dance, the older I get the worse it is. So sad.

    Our parish has a visiting ministry where they match you with someone who is homebound/nursing-home bound. It has been a really blessing to be involved with that. We aim for once a week but realistically it is usually 2-3 times a month or so.

    • That is awesome that your parish does that. God bless the mom that organizes that. Building a relationship would be ideal. I find the kids give me courage when it comes to my dance moves-they are easy to impress. I’m not sure if you know the Horsch family, but the dad would swing dance with his daughters at TEC hoots, and the son knew how to swing dance really well from growing up around it, so he was a pretty popular guy at CYO dances. That’s my goal for our kids, to grow up in a home where its OK (and fun) to dance.

  5. I do remember the Horsch’s!

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