I Received the Living God, and My Heart is Full of Joy

Here are some pictures from Jude’s First Communion today. It was a blessed day for us all! The only thing I missed getting a good picture of was Jude surrounded by his amazing grandparents.



My favorite part of the whole day was the huge, sweet grin on his face as he walked back to his seat after receiving Jesus.



Both of his godparents came, even though they both live over 3 hours away!


The cake was a huge hit, thanks to a good friend who is much more talented than I. And she made it gluten free!


Because his birthday is next week, he got to open some birthday gifts too, which Xavier was super excited to see.


And in true Arnold holiday fashion, there was a board game involved. Father Chad was on Xavier’s team, God bless him.


Proof that we really need professional help in getting a good family picture.

Happy First Communion, Jude Blase!





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3 responses to “I Received the Living God, and My Heart is Full of Joy

  1. I love every one of those pictures! Jude looked very handsome in his suit. That is fantastic that both of his godparents were able to make it. Tell Jude Uncle Mark and Aunt Mary Ellen are very happy for him!

  2. momof4boys

    Congratulations Jude! I was praying for you. We love you!

  3. mbuford

    most excellent! I agree, the family pictures are wonderful – you have such a beautiful family.

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