Top 10 Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcasts

We have really got hooked on podcasts in the last year. Jackie listens to them while she’s cooking dinner. I learn from them while I’m doing monotonous janitorial work. They kept me awake at 3 in the morning while driving to and from Colorado. But when I’m trying out a new podcast, I don’t want to just randomly pick an episode. I want to know which ones are the best episodes to sample. This American Life has a Favorites shortlist that is very entertaining. But my favorite blog is Catholic Stuff You Should Know. It is not only enjoyable, it is also very edifying. That’s a good combo. But where do you start? Some of their episodes are just OK. I want you to get hooked on this podcast. So, for the last month, Jackie and I have been working together to pick our favorites from their almost 200 episodes. Here’s what we agreed on.


Here are the two main hosts, hailing from the Denver Archdiocese, studly Fr. John Nepil on the left, and comic relief Fr. Nathan Goebel on the right.

Start with these: light, fun, entertaining-or to go with our alliterative theme: bright, bold, boffo:
1. Beer
2. Batman
3. Bikinis!
Go a little deeper with these great saint stories, from the Deacon Joe days:
4. Woolos and Gladys Farlog
5. 40 Martyrs of Sebaste
Then a little higher to the heavens with:
6. Theology of Mountaineering
Next, really get to know the priests personally with:
7. What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been
8. Call Waiting
Now, you’re ready for some “big ideas.” Our favorites are:
9. What is Marriage? well worth it just to hear how some guy was so obnoxious, Fr. John wanted to “punch him in the junk”
10. Distributism, because the phrase “creative extension of oneself” is pretty cool.

Those are a great place to start.
Two live recordings that are definitely worth checking out,
Zombies! And the Thirst for Communion (which would high in the top 10 if this was just Joel’s list) and Being Consumed (Jackie’s choice for honorable mention)

Soon you will be laughing along with the banter of these good, genuine priests. We hope you enjoy Catholic Stuff You Should Know as much as we do.




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3 responses to “Top 10 Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcasts

  1. These all sound fun! I haven’t heard of this podcast. I’m excited for school to resume so I can listen to podcasts again.

  2. Mike

    Im trying to find the story of fr nathan goebel’s vocation story. But am having no luck

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