Christ Circle Round Us


It’s fun to imagine we have two sets of twins and a Paschal.


Merry Christmas! We hope the day is full of joy for you and your family!

Our annual slideshow:

I wish I could take credit for the music selection and the timing in the last minute, but that was all Jude and Gus’ handiwork.

2016. What a year. A lot of people are trashing on 2016. Sure, we had a weird election and a lot of celebrities died. But that doesn’t make a bad year. Ultimately, it is you and I that decides what kind of year we had. And I would say, 2016 was a year of mercy.  This was the year God blessed us with Paschal. This was the year God provided. This was the year I finished my Masters and Jackie wrote a book. This was the year we went on two adventures with Zirk the Cosmic Space Chicken. This was the year my friends adopted their two new children. And I received a new godson and my first goddaughter. I have had two of my favorite classes in all my years of teaching, my ninjas and my knights. 2016 was good.

I had this one moment in 2016. It was so singularly beautiful. I was taking Paschal for a walk in the field. It was late October but there was no need for a jacket. Glowing autumn afternoon sunlight was shining across the grass, warming my face. I felt at peace, as I  soaked up the grace all around me and carried this little beating heart beside my heart. That is how I will remember 2016.


I debated, do I not take a picture so I won’t risk ruining the moment? Or do I preserve this moment so I can always remember what it felt like? In the end, fear of my faulty memory won out.

Looking ahead to 2017, we don’t know what the future holds for our family. But we have decided to take a step away from the blog. Perhaps we’ll still post a few times, but we are feeling the desire for a little more privacy, and will be unpublishing most of our old stories. Thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed and been so kind as to share compliments with us. We have enjoyed sharing our little family life with you all, and discussing ideas, folk, work, and place. God bless you in 2017. Peace be with you, dear friends!


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  1. I sat down to try and blog but decided to catch up with yours first. That picture is beautiful, I love those kind of moments. “Gozar” moments.

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