Every night, I find the hardest hour to fill is that 6:30-7:30 hour, after dinner till bedtime. I often find myself wishing it over with, so then I can have some down time. But that is folly! That is my kids’ time with their dad! I must seize the hour and fill it with QUALITY TIME!

Maybe you’ve noticed that a lot of people put their Meal Plans on their blog. My wife does an excellent job of planning out how she will nurture us each evening. So, methinks, shouldn’t I also take as much care and forethought to plan out how I will nurture my children’s sense of adventure and creativity? Thus the idea for the Family Culture Plan. I know that sounds kind of highfalutin, (I considered calling it the Family Fun Plan) but I am dedicating that ambitious name to my wife’s love of building up a holy culture within our home. I’ll post the weekly Culture Plan here on the blog for two reasons:

1. To keep me accountable. It would be too easy to just take it easy after dinner. But if I know that all 3 of my loyal readers are expecting me to stay true to my plan, it will make it more difficult for me to slack off. The pang of my conscience will compel me to action!
2. To give you ideas and hopefully garner some new ideas for me. After dinner, when I’m exhausted, coming up with something to do with the kids seems like an insurmountable conundrum. WHAT? TO? DO? We have some fun routines and rituals we do. I bet you do too. Let’s swap.

Click if you’d like to read more FCP.


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